Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pick your poison

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf coffee shop is running a contest for choosing a new ice blended drink. I have seen this done by many companies before. Unfortunately, The Coffee Bean has decided to wander into the realm of strange names for the drinks. The current blended drinks have names such as vanilla, mocha, and caramel which are fine, but the new ones are called Heat Wave, Thunder Road, and Instant Karma.

Heat Wave is supposedly dulce de leche, Spanish caramel, and means milk candy in English. How they plan to distinguish this from the caramel blended drink they already have is puzzling. Then there is Thunder Road flavored as tiramisu, and Instant Karma that is supposed to be nutty caramel crème. Wait a second, didn’t we just have dulce de leche? Oh, excuse me, Heat Wave. When I hear thunder road I think of the Disneyland Thunder Mountain ride. I wonder if this drink hurts your neck too.

Cannot forget the nutty caramel crème though. Crème is a French word for goodness sake, so now we have Spanish caramel, French crème, and Italian tiramisu! Since we are going with a European theme here maybe we should have them introduce a black pudding flavor with little pieces of blood sausage mixed in.

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