Thursday, October 1, 2009

They have seasons here!

I wasn’t able to get that picture since I have had a slight geographical change as of yesterday. I went from beautiful 70-degree Southern California to a much colder 40 in Detroit, Michigan. I am guessing 30’s when I got up this morning from all the ice on everything at 4am. Yah, gotta love the three hour time difference. 4am Pacific Time, unfortunately I was nowhere near the Pacific.

The difference in time claimed another victim when I called someone back in California. To me it was 9:45am, perfectly fine for calling someone I knew would be up and around by that time. Wrong, I forgot it was 6:45am over there…and I woke them up, opps.

It’s a very busy house where I am staying. 7 kids in the house! With me there, there is now 10 people.

I am only visiting for a few days to get some work done out here, but until then, “That's the way we all became the Brady Bunch.”