Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First knitting project

It took far longer than it should, but I finished my first knitting project. I made a small felted box from a Mason-Dixon Knitting pattern. I first saw the ones my sister made and thought I would make one myself.

Since my sister was who taught me to knit, her living several hours away made some things tough to learn. Through working on my own and knitting while up at her place I got it done. She made another gray one while I worked on my green box, and you can see why they are called nested boxes.

Took me about a month, and while that may seem pathetic to me, my sister said it turned out pretty good. I guess your first project will always take longer, especially when its full of garters, purls, binding off, casting on, picking up stitches, and crocheting.

My next project is a few cup cozies similar to this, minus the plants.

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